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Jelena Cikoja Hair Routine

Jelena’s hair routine, tips and tricks are something that we have wanted to know from day dot. Her effortlessly loosely curled hair has us all envious, but just how does she keep it looking so perfected all of the time? Recently, Jelena shared with us how she achieves her go to look along with the products that she uses too.

Like many of us, if we are having a bad hair day, we are having a bad day. But hopefully with these tips & tricks we can keep those whispy flyaways under control and can be the hair envy of all our friends.

1. Jelena will start by shampooing and conditioning her hair with Tresemme Biotin + Repair 7 to ensure her hair is fresh and free of grease and dirt. For the days she is unable to wash her hair she applies the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day spray into her hair leaving this in for her hair to absorb.

2. Also applying the Playa Endless Summer Spray or hair thicker to add extra texture and volume to her natural hair, Jelena spritzes the Schwarzkof Got2b heat protector to ensure minimal heat damage when styling her hair

3. Next, Jelena goes on to style her hair first by blowdrying it until it is only a little damp, then dividing her hair into sections.

4. Using the T3 1inc curling wand Jelena curls her hair in different directions to give a more natural waved effect.

5. When styling the top layer of her hair, Jelena uses the full length of the curling wand and slides the hair up and down, again giving it a more natural wave.

6. Once finished, Jelena uses her fingertips to start brush out the curls, and spraying with R+Co OUTER SPACE Flexible Hold Hairspray

7. To finish using the palm of her hand Jelena crunches her hair, twist and pushed upwards in-between her fingers on any sections that are flatter

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo
Playa Endless Summer Spray
Schwarzkopf got2b Guard Angel Heat Protection Spray
T3 SinglePass Curl
R + Co OUTER SPACE Flexible Hold Hairspray
Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PhD) 5-in-1 Styling Treatment