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Camila Coelho Hair

There is no doubt that Camila has great hair, and whatever her secret is we all want to know it. Camila is known for her shoulder length hair, which has been her signature for a number of years now. Her chocolate brown hair is the perfect colour to complement her skin tome and dark features.

The natural bouncy curls are a hair style we are seeing a lot of recently and this is definitely a style Camila loves herself. The voluminous hair style allows for more body and is a great way to frame and shape the face, and is a style that will suit just about anyone no matter your face shape. There are a number of curling tongs and wands that are being used by influencers all over the world to achieve this much desired look, and during these times of quarantine and self-isolation this is great time to get practising and experimenting with your hair.

Follow the steps below Camila uses to achieve this bouncy curled look:

1. To start off, Camila uses the OUAI texturising spray through her hair before styling. Camila has relatively thin hair so curls and styles can drop out easily so applying this spray will really help to hold and keep the curls

2. Following the texturising spray, Camila brushes her hair through to prep it ready for styling, with a paddle brush, which is great for this!

3. To get extra shine and health locked into her hair before styling she applies a small amount of the Kerastase hair oil to the ends of the hair, helping to get that glossy and shiney look

4. Now onto the styling! Sectioning her hair into three sections, top, middle and bottom, Camila uses the T3 1inc curling wand to start adding them bouncy waves into her hair. The 1inc barrel is great for her shoulder length hair, but if you have longer hair you may want to try a bigger barrel to ensure you are able to curl the full length.

5. Starting at the bottom of the hair, ensuring all the hair is curled towards the back of the hair all going in the same direction. Tip: To achieve those tight curls, make sure the hair is curled closely together on the curling wand.

6. Once completed the bottom section of the hair work your way up until you have successful curled your whole head. The curls will look tight and not the look you are after but we are about to fix that!

7. When you have curled all of your hair you can use your fingers to run through your hair helping to loosen the curls and giving it a more natural curl look.

8. To finish, Camila goes back in with the Kerastase hair oil running this through her whole hair for that healthy and glossy shine!

OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray
Kérastase Elixir Ultime L’Original Hair Oil
T3 SinglePass Curl
Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler Hair Brush, Liquorice Black

Another hair style Camila wears a lot is a classic smooth look which, depending on her mood, will be styled with a flick at the ends, either inwards or outwards. Styled in this way, Camila’s hair will be shoulder length and is a great style for framing her beautiful face. Hair health is the best way to achieve Camila’s glossy look but if you are still on that journey to achieve the ultimate hair goals there are so many amazing products out there to help to get Camila’s shine, such as hair masques and treatments. These are a great way to add additional nourishment back into your hair without the expense of expensive salon treatments. We have found some great products which will work a treat to help you achieve Camila’s glossy locks.